Terms & Conditions


Briggs Roofing guarantees that if within a period of (length of guarantee) years (from date of installation), the installation becomes defective by reason of a fault in the installation or fixing procedure resulting in a leak arising in the installation, the installer undertakes to repair that section of the roof free of charge.

Unfortunately no responsibility can be accepted by Briggs Roofing for pooling water on flat roof surfaces. This will not affect your guarantee and standing water will not damage your roof. If you think that standing water will be an issue on your roof, please make this clear before work commences.

o Our .............. roof coverings are guaranteed for a period of xx years This guarantee expires on ...........................


The customer takes all reasonable measures to maintain the roof in a serviceable condition.

The customer must advise Briggs Roofing of any leaks arising in the roof within fourteen days of discovery. In the event of a claim being invalid (the roof is not the cause of the leak or there is no leak) the customer agrees to pay a Technical Representative from Briggs Roofing a reasonable call out charge for a survey and provision of a report in the sum of a standard hourly charge as would be expected depending on distance and time required. This is to be determined by Briggs Roofing.

Briggs Roofing and Employees of Briggs Roofing must be given free access to the roof during normal business hours in order to inspect or repair the roof.

This guarantee of materials is in respect of normal expected weather conditions. This does not include wear- through excessive foot-traffic, subsidence, vandalism, exposure to chemicals, or leaks not attributed to the installation such as leaks from flashings, gutters and un-encapsulated parapet walls.

This guarantee does not cover installations that have been altered, changed or tampered with in any way.

This guarantee does not cover colour fade, standing water, aesthetic defects or other issues that do not result in a leak within the installation.

Briggs Roofing shall not be liable for: a) the cost of any routine maintenance, overhaul, modifications, loss or damage arising therefrom, b) any damage or defect caused by any peril capable of being insured under a commercial property, household or similar policy of insurance whether or not such insurance is effective or in force at the time or for which compensation is provided by legislation, c) any loss of use or consequential loss of any nature, d) any damage caused by war risks, sonic booms, terrorism or nuclear radiation as provided by the insurers standard exclusion clauses, or any damage or defect caused by storm or deterioration due to neglect in maintenance.

This guarantee is not valid if Briggs Roofing ceases to trade (due to insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation). 

Any work to or on the roof by other parties must be consented by Briggs Roofing 10 days prior to commencement.

All accounts must be settled in full before this guarantee becomes active.